A problem we all face these days is "Global warming".

Our summers are becoming hotter and longer, therefore, heating up our houses more which means that we, the consumers are using more electricity.

After many years of searching and trialling different brands of film, we have found a unique range of different types of films. We at Sun-block window tinting are fully aware that everyone has different needs, therefore, we have tried to accomodate each individuals needs.

Below are a list of the different types of films available:

  • Reflective/ mirror films
  • Charcoal films
  • Bronze films
  • Super Kool
  • Matte frost films
  • Reflective frost films


Many advantages of tinting windows are:

  • Helps reduce furniture, curtains, carpets, floorboards, general pieces of furniture from fading. This means that the furniture items keep their rich colour longer.
  • Reduces the glare on your television and computer screens
  • Helps reduce the cost of electricity bills
  • Have a scratch resistance coating
  • Increases privacy and security
  • Helps reduce heat loss in winter and stops heat gain in summer

The reflective films are available in a range of colors

  • Silver 15%, 35% & 50%
  • Bronze silver 15% & 35%
  • Gray silver 15% & 35%
  • Gold silver 15%
  • Green silver 15%
  • Blue silver 15%

These type of films have the highest heat rejection of up to 79%. Reduce glare up to 85% Rejects 99% Ultraviolet radiation These types of film have a nationwide lifetime manufacturer's warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking, crazing, delaminating, demetalizing and adhesive failure.

Mirror type films are the most reflective of all films but do provide the highest heat rejection. The way this type of film works is that during the day you have privacy, ie it stops people trying to look into your house or office. However, as this film works by reflecting light this means that at night it has the reverse affect. If you are inside and you have the lights on, people will be able to see straight in unless you draw curtains or blinds.

An alternative to the mirror type films is to select a film that is non reflective. We have a wide range of films in this range, eg black, charcoal, bronze, grey and the list goes on.

The non reflective film is very popular amongst homeowners simply due to the number of bonuses that are associated with having your windows tinted.

  • Blocks 59% heat
  • Reduce glare up to 95%. No more glare on televisions or computer screens
  • Rejects 99% Ultraviolet radiation
  • Helps cool temperature down quicker ie the airconditioner only needs to be turned on for a shorter period of time which means that the cost of electricity will be far less
  • In winter heaters only need to be turned on for shorter periods as tinting helps keep the warmth in
  • Depending in the darkness of the film, tinting windows makes it more difficult for prying eyes to look in
  • Adds security as well as privacy
  • Reduces the hazards of shattering glass

Product Specs

Download Residential Product Specifications (PDF)
Download Security Product Specifications (PDF)